Sharp Logistics Revamp

Hello All,
With recent demand for a Sharp Logistics revamp management have decided to focused on working closely with current and old Sharp Logistics members and have began to work on rebuilding and improving the Sharp Logistics, also we have news that Sam Sharp has came back to help revamp and put some systems into place, he said, “I am glad to be called back to give a hand with Sharp Logistics and get it back on the road and i hope i can do this before new year.” He also said, “I will work around the clock to get a system put in place and i will hopefully get most of it done by the 30th ” .
Nearly everyone at sharp gaming are glad to have him back and we will all look forward to working with Sam to get the Sharp Logistics back on the road
If you have any questions or concerns please message a member of staff on our discord server.

Also there is a Community meeting this Sunday 30th December 2018 at 19:00Z (GMT)

From Sharp Gaming Management Team.

Sharpeii – Our new Discord Bot!

Sharpeii is our a new discord bot that allows you to customise your profile!

Upon a player joining it will encourage users to set up their profile, so that more people can become active within the community..

If you are already on our discord server and wish to set up your profile type “!help” to get started 🙂

If you require anymore help with the bot please contact a member of staff and we will be happy to assist you.

Events website has launched!

This website is to replace the old forums as most of us only used it for planning events and posting important information.

So we have created a simple platform that allows you to see upcoming events visually in a very easy way.
Do !events in the discord server to get directed to the calendar!